Marketing for Hospitality & tourism

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Marketing for Hospitality & tourism

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Persons employed in hospitality and tourism-related businesses have to be customer oriented; they are part of the product their company is selling. How they answer the phone, greet customers, and sole customers' problems can make the difference between satisfied customers and dissatisfied customers. Marketing calls upon everyone in the company to "think customer" and do all that they can to help create and deliver superior customer value and satisfaction. The book is written with the hospitality and tourism student in mind. Each chapter of the text has been carefully researched and constructed, using sound marketing concepts, and illustrates these concepts with examples from the hospitality and tourism industry. The result is a book that provides a rich depth of practical examples and applications, showing the major decisions that hospitality and travel managers face in their efforts to balance the organisation's objectives and resources against varying customer needs and opportunities in the global marketplace; it clearly explains marketing concepts and then shows how they apply to real life situations.
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