Ocular Theraputics and Drug Delivery by Indra K. Reddy (Author) - Como Novo !

Ocular Theraputics and Drug Delivery by Indra K. Reddy (Author) - Como Novo !

Ocular Theraputics and Drug Delivery 1st Edition - Como Novo !
by Indra K. Reddy (Author)
Publisher : CRC Press
Language : English
Hardcover : 587 pages
ISBN-10 : 1566762138
ISBN-13 : 978-1566762137
Since ocular therapeutics and drug delivery is a subject of interest to specialists from various disciplines such as chemical, biochemical, medical, pharmaceutical, and toxicological, it truly presents a unique situation requiring a multi-disciplinary approach in understanding and addressing various problems. Yet we see that scientists associated with these areas are working, by and large, independently of one another, thus limiting dissemination of knowledge, experience and ideas that would greatly enhance the overall progress in this area of research. Regrettably, the information currently available in ocular therapeutics and drug delivery, though extensive, is still fragmented into various disciplines making meaningful synthesis difficult. Several books are available that cover one or two aspects of the multi-disciplinary fields on an individual basis; however, none is available that covers all of them. The chapters contained in this book are specific to various interrelated areas of ocular therapeutics and drug delivery and are written by acknowledged experts from both academia and industry. The book itself is divided into five parts, namely: (I) overview,basic principles, and methodology; (II) pathopharmacology and clinical applications; (III) chemical/ biochemical approaches to ocular drug delivery; (IV) formulation and drug delivery considerations; and (V) industrial and regulatory considerations.
Individual chapters in each section, apart from presenting a concise text, entail an extensive listing of references.
"Collectively, the book emerges as a comprehensive, interdisciplinary text that will certainly establish the current basis of ocular therapeutics and drug delivery system design. Dr. Reddy has assembled a group of excellent authors and timely topics to produce a text that should set the standard for the field."
- Joseph R. Robinson, Ph.D., Division Chair and Professor of Pharmacy and Ophthalmology, University of Wisconsin, Madison From the Preface

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